Health and Wellness Education 101

I am concerned about the fact that many of the younger generation have been left out of the loop, so to speak. It has been years since we first started to acknowledge the fact that we are NOT getting the necessary nutrients that our body needs.

Even though many of us are quite aware of the need for better nutrition, it has been pushed into the background, over shadowed by other information, or the younger generation has not been as well informed as when this knowledge first came to light. One other problem would be the fact that we need to get into a habit – a routine of taking supplements or antioxidants daily. We don’t put enough emphasis on it to make sure that we do supplement our diets.

It appears that the government is looking out for our well being when we look at the side of a vitamin bottle and it gives us the RDA (recommended daily allowance). Therein lies the secret, the word recommended.

You see, they cannot possibly include every age, size, and gender, therefore they put the minimal that would be a ‘good start’ for most everyone. But, it is just that – minimal, sometimes very minimal. Women, for example, need more calcium/magnesium after menopause. Some of us are larger and some of us have more health concerns. Some of us have a compromised immune system or a particular illness. Older folks have a problem with digestion and dental problems. This means that the RDA may not be sufficient for you. AND, in many cases it is not sufficient for the average Joe Blow; unless they are natural or it includes the needed vegetables and fruits and sometimes higher percentages of particular ones.

As if that was not enough of a concern, add to that the fact that (I would venture) most of us do not eat properly enough to supply what vitamins/minerals we particularly need. We have our own set of selective tastes. Junior doesn’t like spinach. Susie hates tomatoes. We eat fast foods frequently, eat snacks or do not cook as properly as we should at home. Add to that scenario the fact that some of the foods that are good for us are just too expensive to incorporate from day to day.

In speaking of cooking at home, are you aware that a vegetable or a fruit loses an average of 10% of its value every time something is done to it. How many of these things happened to our food when we lived on the farm?

1. It is picked or harvested before it is fully ripe, leaving out the vitamins/minerals 2. It is packaged and waits to be shipped. 3. It is shipped by truck, rail, train or boat (we get many of our foods from overseas). 4. Before and after shipment they are stored in a refrigerator. 5. They sit in the backroom of the grocery store. 6. They sit on the shelf in the grocery store. 7. You bring it home and store it in the refrigerator again. 8. You fix it to eat, such as peeling and boiling. 9. It is often cooked and many times with too high of a temperature. 10. After the meal you may refrigerate and re-warm it again for another meal.

Let’s see – 10% X 10 = 100% lost. Not much left. Just to elaborate, have you seen broccoli on the store shelves as bright green covered with a coat of red? That is the vitamins and after it sits for a few day, the red disappears and the yellow shows up and the green gets lighter, meaning that the vitamins/minerals are being lost. To add insult to injury, that is not the only reason we are compromising our immune system.

1. The air has pollution.
2. The water has pollution.
3. We don’t get the rest/sleep that we need.
4. Stress adds greatly to this picture.

My husband and I farmed for several years and we know of the pesticides and germicides that are put on the crops or the ground and leach into the ground and stay there for years. Then we added more each year. Not only that, but they also find their way into the water supply.

If you are thinking that you are healthy enough just because you feel healthy and haven’t been seriously sick as yet, let me add this important bit of information. Because, your body is being bombarded DIALY by toxic air, water and food, it is adding up in your body. You will never feel the effects until years later. All of a sudden you find that you have some serious illness and wonder why you got sick. You did not become sick, suddenly. It is been building up in your system for years.

The only way to counteract the toxins that are added to your body daily is to make sure that you insulate with extra vitamins/minerals and especially antioxidants. Antioxidants are what fights for your immune system against all of the free radicals. YOU cannot avoid them. They are everywhere.

People should not be misled into thinking that they are keeping their immune system up to par, because they THINK they are eating properly enough or even think that the RDA is sufficient. Sometimes an immune system has been compromised and you find that you have a health condition. Even though it might be possible to have it reversed, isn’t it better to stay ahead of the game? If your immune system is up to par, you may even be able to keep flues and colds at bay by supporting your immune system with a higher percentage of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

I want to bring one last item to your attention. While some of the synthetic vitamins/minerals are just as good as a natural one, there are many times that it is not true. First, when you take more of the synthetic vitamins, you run the risk of taking in too many impurities.

Natural supplements can be taken at a higher dosage without any side effects, because you are just taking in what you normally would while eating, but in a supplemental form. It isn’t a medication. It is FOOD in supplemental form. You can take less of a natural supplement to get more of your needed requirements then you could if you added platefuls of broccoli or glasses of orange juice. This in fact would, most likely, be impossible.

Natural supplements have no side effects. Natural supplements boost your immune system. Why take chances with your health or your family’s health? You take care of your car better than you do your body. You wash it, wax it, change oil, give it the best gasoline and change the tires regularly. Why? So it will last longer and look better. This is also true of your body. Wouldn’t you agree that taking care of your body is really more important then, taking care of your car?